This document is a copy of A document against sleep.

A document against sleep

What sleep has done

Sleep is known as a blackmailer and liar and acts like a 4chan edgelord.

Also sleep has hijacked wescarmant’s accounts for like Reddit and Meteorite and Brick Hill and is even attempting to hack his Discord account.

Admitting to slander and libel/defamation

Sleep uses the excuse of it being satire to hide the fact that he wants to defame me

He legit allowed one of his friends to dox me with the information obtained illegally, if you were really doing all of this shit for satire purposes I would have never been doxxed.

Sleep admitting to making fake pedophila rumors of me, sleep you do not joke about shit like this.

This image was from last year btw. Sleep has been harassing me and wescarmant for over a year now sleep used this as an excuse to attack me despite him. Sleep also has an addiciton to blackmailing people convincing people I did the shit he faked of me this was from the squared Discord server. Sleep was the original source of that faked stuff. Sleep is now attempting to dox wescarmant and sleep is now attempting to dox more of my family members, so I believe that it is 100% obvious that sleep was involved of the dox of my previous address last year which flanger posted on the Graphictoria forums. Also I have reason to believe that sleep may have been involved with the dox of kinery, the owner of Tadah, due to sleep being staff in Calvy. This is because a dox of kinery has been posted on the Calvy Discord server, and one of the Calvy staff members did say to swat kinery’s address.

The damage sleep has done to wescarmant’s accounts


OK WTF SLEEP. First you target wescarmant now me you aren’t getting away with this. This includes my older Roblox and older Finobe accounts, sleep also hacked my polytoria account but luckily I was able to save it.

Attempting to dox wescarmant

Sleep is now attempting to dox wescarmant, also why would a 51 year old be in the orc

I’ve known wescarmant for years, I have heard his voice, he’s obviously not 51. Wescarmant even recorded his voice here: voice reveal so people like redman and sleep can stop begging me for one – YouTube

Also sleep, stop trying to get your friends to have edit access to this document. I am not giving them access, stop thinking that I’m dumb.