This document is a copy of The Disturbing Actions of Casenn and Hurricane. The original has been removed from Google Docs due to it being deemed a violation of their Terms of Service.

The Disturbing Actions of Casenn and Hurricane

This document is purely created by speakerpro2 to address the alarming behavior of Casenn (aliases include Casenn05/Dyonix) and Hurricane (radio.nowhere). The document will cover their manipulative behavior, slanderous tactics, and gaslighting to create rumors surrounding SimplyAlonso, EpicXDavo/SinistersPT, and even myself.

Before continuing, please do not attempt to harass any individuals listed in this document, I shouldn’t have to stress this.


Casenn’s Unhealthy Obsessions

Graphic Slander

Hurricane’s History with Davo

Blackmailing and Threats

The Spam Campaign

Where Things Stand


Casenn’s unhealthy obsessions

Casenn has gone on record to repeatedly post about things he is fascinated with. Whether that would be the constant mentions of certain people on Reddit, or the love for a certain cartoon, he is known for being very invested in certain subjects. Unfortunately, some of the things he does while indulging in this behavior are quite disturbing.

Casenn’s obsession with me, speakerpro2

One video that stands out the most is a video specifically targeting me. The video shows a crude depiction of one of my avatars attempting to use foul language. Casenn then attacks the depiction of me, grounding them in the end. Another channel of his is called “Epiculy Garfield” which posted another video with my name.

In the video description of the second video, Casenn also attached a link to an Encyclopedia Dramatica page created by him which is about me. Keep that in mind as I will get into that later.

Casenn has mentioned me an absurd amount of times in a number of different servers. This usually includes bringing up the ED page and even creating a photo of my avatar in a room with body pillows of the YouTuber Jaiden Animations. Below are a few examples.

Casenn’s obsession with SimplyAlonso

Casenn has not only mocked me, but has created accounts specifically to mock Alonso. This includes a Twitter and Discord account. I will go into further detail later.

Casenn’s obsession with Joey Nigro

Oddly enough, Casenn repeatedly posts about an individual named “Joey Nigro”. This individual was exposed as a pedophile around the same time he created a Twitter page to post about him.

Casenn’s obsession with lesser known individuals

Graphic slander

Casenn has participated in spreading slander about multiple individuals. He has used a multitude of tactics to get his ideas across, which more often than not are extremely disgusting and truly show his manipulative side.

Casenn’s Jaiden Twitter accounts

In May of 2023, a number of twitter accounts with usernames containing names referring to the content creator Jaiden Animations were created and began harassing multiple individuals in the ORC, specifically Cuksim/Neekori (I do not have a screenshot) and SimplyAlonso.

Casenn specifically chose to include Jaiden in his username because he knew that I used to be a fan of the YouTuber in early 2021. This would make people assume I was behind these posts. Casenn would continue to spam people’s replies with these accounts until they were suspended at an unknown date.

Casenn would begin impersonating Alonso around this time. To make it seem as I was the one running the account, he began sending people pornography of Jaiden Animaton’s character.

The tweet below from Casenn not only shows his obsesssion with me but how he continues to try and connect me with Jaiden to create some false narrative about me being a simp for her channel.

Casenn’s diaper fetish & continued impersonation of Alonso

Casenn begins sending people furry fetish porn, specifically of diapers. The inclusion of furry fetish porn, specifically of diapers, is another hint that Casenn is behind this account. For context, in a now privated YouTube video from 2022, Casenn was exposed for having a fetish for diapers and baby/toddler roleplay games.

What makes this even more disgusting is the fact that he attempted to make it look like I was sending people cub porn, which is the equivalent of child sexual abuse material, but for furries.

The only “proof” of this video’s existence is a frame from an unrelated screenshot. The video shows Casenn dressed up as Lisa Gaming Roblox, a controversial YouTuber at the time, playing an Adopt and Raise Roblox game. Knowing how he had this fetish and was joining groups of those nature, people found this concerning, however the video has been privated for some time now and Casenn has since left these groups.

While Casenn has tried hiding this turbulent past, he often still references it through his alt accounts, and in the pornography he was posting. If his other obsessions weren’t enough, this is one of the most disgusting ones.

In this case, the alt accounts has its location set to “Diapers”.

Casenn uses the fake Alonso to falsely claim someone groomed him

Here’s another one of his personal attacks on someone. He began using the fake Alonso to claim someone called Jessica groomed him. No proof was ever shown.

In the first image, Alonso (the real Alonso) informs Jessica a fake Alonso account is making claims that she groomed him.

The second image shows how these lies made someone believe she actually did these things.

The last two images show Alonso messaging the same person about how Jessica groomed them, with a photo of what the fake alt looked like. The “simp1yalonso” with a 1 for an L should be a dead giveaway this is not actually Alonso.

This just continues to show how Alonso will attempt to manipulate people and gaslight them about thinks he pulled out of his ass.

Casenn’s Reddit post about the fake Alonso

Casenn would create another Reddit account to post about the fake alonso and the Kapish revival, something he often brings up across his alts and on his main account. I’m not really sure this is relevant to anything, but it was interesting to say the least.

Casenn would list three photos, one showing a fake Alonso account making a threat to bomb his school, another showing a photo of the same account sending the same diaper fetish porn and another photo of Casenn on the fake alonso sending an IP logger.

Casenn would accuse me of sending these messages under his alt account.

Casenn pizzabombs Joey with Alonso’s email address

Casenn would not only harass Alonso by impersonating him but would use his email for a pizza delivery to Joey N’s house. Alonso would also receive an email from an account who was supposedly Joey Nigro. I have no way of confirming who owns that email.

Casenn tries clearing himself

This isn’t the first time he’s done this. On the ECSR website, he made a post saying he wasn’t responsible for the Alonso alt account and accused me of making it. Around the same time, he also emailed Alonso this.

Casenn has not changed how he acts as you will soon see later. This email was simply to manipulate Alonso into thinking he could trust Casenn.

More proof Casenn owns the fake Alonso account

In the GoodBlox Discord server, Casenn would join on the Fake alonso account to spam and harass people. (Please keep in mind the account is deleted right now)

Then, after the account was banned, Casenn uses his alt “EvilXLXI” aka “EvilKyle” 1 minute after it was banned. These are literally his only messages in the server. Knowing what he’s done, you’d have a hard time calling this a coincidence, because trust me this is anything but a coincidence.

Is this not enough for you? In another Discord server, Casenn would join on his main and then 2 minutes later the fake Alonso would join the Discord server, doing the same things.

IMMEDIATELY after joining, he starts impersonating Alonso. As you can see, Casenn joined two minutes before the fake Alonso account, and said nothing while Alonso was being impersonated. Already suspicious behavior, you joined around the same time, you’ve done this shit before, what could this really mean?

Casenn uses the Alonso account to mention Davo and I for no reason at all. What could this mean? It’s almost like he’s trying to slander me…

You literally cannot explain yourself, Casenn. There is no way this is a coincidence, you did this twice. You simply fucked up while switching alts on your phone.

Hurricane’s history with Davo

How the hell does this have to do with Casenn? I bet that’s what you were wondering. Let me try to explain why I believe both Casenn and Hurricane have both been involved in harassing Davo and I for a while now.

Impersonation of EpicXDavo

Recently, Davo has again faced backlash from the group behind the YAMATO CIRCUS Discord server. Around the same time, it appears Hurricane and Casenn may have teamed up to harass Davo. Taking notice of the drama, that was their golden opportunity.

Discord screenshots on the ED page show an account with the EpicXDavo username sending furry porn to somebody. There was also a photo of another fake Davo account sending the same cub porn sent under a fake alonso account.

The Fake EpicXDavo account listed above most likely belongs to Hurricane/GoodMorningMaid, and the fact that it was sending the same pornography is quite suspicious. This is no coincidence. How would they get their hands on that photo, uncensored?

Casenn and Hurricane’s group chat

When asked about his involvement, Hurricane sent me screenshots of his group chat where you can clearly see the two discussing things about me. Oddly enough, around the same time that Hurricane was busy harassing Davo and I on the forums on the 28th of December, Casenn suggested they go and make posts about me.

I will be getting into much more detail on the significance of this group later.

There is also a photo of Casenn making multiple redirects to websites containing information on me (speakerpro2).

Blackmailing and threats

We’ve finally gotten to the part where I discuss how these two individuals blackmailed me and how they have made threats to my physical safety and vague threats to ruin my reputation with their lies.

Casenn and Hurricane’s “Aepretard” account

While minding my own business, I was stalked in multiple servers by an account with the nickname “Aepretard” and the username “jonmichaelbradshaw”.

Already looking at the fact that the account “you_got_lucky” is mentioned, I knew Hurricane was involved. Davo previously tipped me, telling me this was one of Hurricane’s alts. I also noticed the “Aepretard” nickname. What could that mean exactly? Well, in a video published by Casenn just one day prior to receiving these messages, he showed the same exact photo of this “Aep” person, with the name also included in the title of the video.

Here’s that same account randomly bringing me up for zero reason.

Here’s Casenn again making fun of Aep. Enough proof of an obsession again? Let’s move on.

Casenn and Hurricane’s bullshit about the Davo porn drawing

You probably noticed it in the message of the Aepretard account. You didn’t? What’s the matter with that weird ass drawing?

If it wasn’t already obvious, I did not make this drawing. This drawing likely originates from a Brick Hill post by the user “Larpgirl666” who also goes by “ComfyXRaima”. Not only that, Davo himself witnessed all this unfolding on the forums. How the fuck are you going to victimize davo when he knows what really happened? An absolutely dumbass move they tried doing there. It’s fucking pathetic. They’ve been the only fucking people saying this shit.

Another dumbass take: Casenn and hurricane calling me a pedo/zoo

Okay, how the actual fuck are you going to say this without any fucking proof? All I have is them saying this shit because they have nothing. They couldn’t even bother faking something. It’s just so fucking stupid how they go through all this trouble to make fun of me, yet they end up being the only fucking ones spamming this shit everywhere. Find something better to do with your life.

I really don’t have to add to this. Hurricane calls me a zoo in the image above this topic.

Casenn tweets vague threats at me

Tell me Casenn, what will I not like if you were to talk more shit about me for the thousandth time? It’s only more evidence for this doc!

And then there’s him accusing me of the davo shit again.

Okay Casenn, PLEASE tell me how I’ve been manipulating people. You literally sent a fucking lie to Alonso to keep him quiet, you impersonated him and sent people cub porn while impersonating him, you did the same shit to Davo, Hurricane’s little gang obviously is trying to gaslight me every time they change the story and you’re doxxing Verzinhire, who is a fucking 13 year old girl, just for being Davo’s boyfriend. The fact that you have the nerve to do that shit is beyond me. You aren’t going to get away with it this time. There will be no more fucking excuses for you. I’m sick and tired of your shit, Casenn.

You can’t trust me, huh, is that how it’s going to be now? Firstly there are plenty of people in the Goodblox Discord server accusing you of inspect elementing shit. That isn’t a very good fucking look for you when you literally did the same fucking shit to me 2 years ago. I already explained how your claim of me manipulating people is complete bullshit since its actually you doing all this fucking manipulation. Thirdly, I’m definitely sure it’s you, because I have all the fucking evidence in the world, and all you have is your shit filled mouth. And please tell me how I am a lowcow when you’re the one making a fool of yourself here?

By all means you’re the fucking laughing stock here. You are a grown fucking man, you have better shit to do than bullying minors and sending them child sexual abuse material when they don’t believe your shit. Grow the fuck up dude. You’re not a fucking child, yet you act like one.

I have every right to be upset at you. You have gone out of your way to brainwash people and you have tried to make me look like a fucking creep. You are the fucking creep for doing all this shit. What normal fucking human being goes out of their way to download child sexual abuse material just to make fun of a kid form a completely different country? Nobody in the right mind does that.

This is not a fucking warning, this is a wake up call for you to quit your shit because we are sick and tired of it. You will get nowhere in life if all you do is meat ride me.

The Spam Campaign

Remember when I told you to remember the ED page for later? Now’s the time for me to dive headfirst into it! It’s really fucking pathetic how he thinks he can get away with the stuff you’re about to see.

What I am about to show you is blatant fucking harassment and slander. Brace yourselves, people.

Casenn’s pathetic attempt at spamming my wiki page

Yes, I have a wiki page! At least on the Retro Dev Fandom Wiki. Do YOU know what Casenn did when he found out about it?

That’s right, he spammed the fuck out of it with bullshit! And guess what happened when the mods saw it? They reverted it, because nobody believes your shit, Casenn.

The amount of times he’s done this is unbelievable. This right here is a fucking addiction. It’s an obsession. This is why I do not like this guy. What he’s done is fucking insane. This is the shit you hear from those creepy stalker news stories.

He tried using an alt the last time he did it, but I still know very damn well that you’ve been the only fucker doing this to me. That ain’t no invisibility cloak buddy.

Okay, how about we admire how much he loves to spam on my fandom page?

Holy fuck dude, I’m a lowcow? Great heavens! I’m never coming back from this one! You really got me this time buddy! Everything is NOT A-OJ! Guess I’ll have to surrender!

All this guy’s “contributions” have been to fuck up my wiki page. How fucking pathetic are you that you spend hours after hours just stalking my wiki page to fuck it up again? I have to wake up and the first thing I see is another fucking edit by you. Grow the actual fuck up dude.

Update: He did it again, on the day I dropped this doc. What the fuck dude? You’re that desperate to ruin my reputation? Every fucking day it’s just more shit form this guy. Either way, the repeated graffiti on my wiki page has led to it being locked unless the individual editing the page is allowed to edit it.

Casenn’s Scratch Account

Just like every other damn time, Casenn goes out of his way again to call me a pedophile. This time, he targeted my inactive Scratch account.

That one ED page Casenn made on me

Remember when I said to remember that one group chat? Lucky you, now’s the time to recall that moment!

As you can see, we can observe the wild Casenn in its natural habitat, the shitty group chat where he wrote the doc with Hurricane.

What could he have been up to?

Staying up all night just to talk shit about me? Talk about an addiction.

Casenn’s speakerpro2 subreddit

I don’t know why I originally forgot to mention this one. Casenn created a subreddit where he can make fun of me all he wants. One great example of this is him basically calling me a pedophile.

Hurricane claims he doxxed me

Self fucking explanatory. (Same image I’m just highlighting the important stuff)

I’m going to have to get a restraining order against this guy! You’re going to lie about shit that you know is fucking true just to get me banned? You quite literally said yourself you’d have to tell him it is fake. You KNOW what I’m talking about is real. You are genuinely just afraid my guy.

Look who thinks they’re so cool with their threats! How the actual fuck is this supposed to help your case? Threatening to leak my info if I don’t stay quiet? Someone’s gotta speak up.

Casenns’s Twitter alts 2: Electric Boogaloo

I may not know anything about YTPs, scans, Sparta remixes, or Adam Sandler, but I do know that Casenn here is a fucking liar!

What’s that? A fake neek account?

Very funny of you to say you’re fucking Jaiden, Casenn. You really made me jealous this time!

What’s that? Casenn spamming more shit? And is that him harassing neek?

blah blah blah

more bullshit from casenn
do I even need to fucking explain anymore?

Hold up, wait a minute, is that casenn mentioning his diaper fetish again?

Oh fuck, it is! Classic casenn, you always know how to make me say this exact sentence.

Where things stand

At the moment, they’ve completely banned me from the YAMATO CIRCUS Discord server and they’ve been gaslighting both Verzenhire (davo’s bf) and I, speakerpro2.

Hurricane gaslights me

You never said anything? Weird because I’m pretty sure you were… Oh look, it’s you lying about the davo shit again!

How could you do this? I am in tears 😢

Casenn’s attempts at slandering me on BrickPlanet

Classic Casenn, making posts about me for no fucking reason again. You are extremely fucking obsessed with me.

Ok, please stop for a moment, pause what you’re doing. Carly has not contributed a single fucking letter on this document. They have not written anything about you, they have not influenced how I see you, they never contributed to this document and you seriously need to quit obsessing over that.

Something interesting to note here. One of the guys Casenn mentions wants absolutely nothing to do with this guy’s drama and has asked him multiple times to leave him out of it, yet he still mentions him as if he’s going to give people “proof” I lied.

Again, he’s going out of his way to continue slandering me, even after I released this doc. His own damn friends have recognized how much he spams about me. It’s ridiculous.

Want a close up shot of that image shown here? No problem!

Yamato gaslights Verzinhire after his goons DMed her her dox

Fake screenshots, you say? Photoshopped? Oh my lord!

Despite the fact that he claims she faked the DMs, we have video footage showing they are in fact real.*

*(Unfortunately, the video contains uncensored personal information of Verzenhire, I am not able to release it at this time. Here are some screenshots instead)

Some images have been blurred for privacy.

Nba Yungmoney harassing davo for the millionth time

This whole drama has been extremely disappointing.

Again, just happened the day I released this doc. Here’s a good one. Another YAMATO CIRCUS member leaks Verzhine’s full address for no fucking reason. Why the fuck would you do that after you said you’d stop messing with her? Is this gaslighting I see?

Davo gets doxxed on the Brick Hill forum

At the moment I’m not sure who may have made this post, however I do know for a fact that the author is a member of YAMATO CIRCUS. These are the same people who have been harassing and attempting to gaslight people on the forums.

A full on dox just because you didn’t like this kid. What the fuck is wrong with you?

Casenn deletes shit I exposed him about

Around the time I initially dropped the doc, I noticed changes on the accounts I was addressing on here. One of those changes was the removal of the word “Diapers” from the James_HTF profile, and the inclusion of “this is a parody”

That’s not all I noticed. Earlier in the doc you probably noticed how Casenn was editing my wiki page. Do you know what shows up both times?

Casenn’s “RealEDP” accounts

Casenn has used two “TheDaRealEDP445” accounts to harass me. Starting with the YouTube account, I saw a random comment on one of my recent videos, claiming I made the pornographic drawings of Davo.

A similarly worded username also began editing my wiki page, as shown below.

This mention of EDP can also be seen here on the same day and around the same hour that both things were occurring.

More of Casenns bullshit I couldn’t find a place to put

The majority of this is recent so I guess it works


For six months, Casenn has gotten away with harassing Alonso, Davo, and me, all while trying to make it look like I’m the one doing all this stuff. Please think about that for a moment. Six months. I literally cannot wrap my head around why the fuck he is this obsessed with me. I am disturbed and I just want him to stop, however he will never stop if he does not admit what he’s done wrong. He’s already made a statement saying that I released a “slanderous” document when infact you, Casenn, have been the one slandering me this entire time for what your fale Alonso account has done. There is zero excuse for your behavior and I am sick and tired of you trying to silence me. You aren’t going to get away with it this time.

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