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Ellernate: Manipulation at its finest

Ellernate (ex Syntax and Alphaland mod/admin)
Stop trying to find the victim’s identities, you guys are weird.

Ellernate, also as he supposedly calls himself “Nathan Kingston”, is one of the worst people that have stepped foot in the ORC. Ellernate (user-id: 428678751212142593) and his alt crispykareem (user-id: 617164709551931394) are NOT the real Ellernate, he is a wannabe larper apparently being Ellernate’s “Real brother”, which is definitely a lie.

This document contains mentions of grooming, pedophilia(?), and NSFW. If you are sensitive to that, then click off now.

Blue = Victim 1 (16 years old)
(no blue is NOT yeano lol)

Purple = Victim 2 (sunmoon cause yall clipped his ass)

Victim 1’s Story

On 29 November 2023, Victim 1 met Ellernate – through Alphaland, as he was a Moderator/Admin there. Through this, Ellernate and Victim 1 became good friends, eventually developing a bond and gaining trust for each other. Victim 1 on the first message brought up a screenshot by Voltaire;

Supposedly, this is Voltaire talking about Ellernate – Voltaire, at the time, seems to be clueless about who Ellernate really is, as he is indeed not the real Ellernate.

Victim 1 and Ellernate would continue to talk until the Afternoon of the 17th of January 2024, at which Victim 1 would confess love to Ellernate, in which Ellernate accepted and Victim 1 (16) went into a relationship with Ellernate (18)

Ellernate would try to downplay this as Victim 1 lived in the UK, in which the age of consent is 16, whereas Ellernate lived in the United States, in which the age of consent is 18.

With consent from Victim 1 and Ellernate, they would go forward with this relationship. Whether this relationship is legal is not defined, and it could be considered illegal, as Victim 1 was 16 and Ellernate was 18, making this not perfectly legal for Victim 1.

Ellernate would convince Victim 1 that what is going on is perfectly okay, even though what is happening is very wrong.

Some of the messages that were exchanged:

(not between Victim 1 but between Victim 2)

Below “I DO WHATEVER YOU SAY”, ellernate says “I’ll be your good little slut”

Victim 2’s Story

Victim 2 met Ellernate around 3 January 2024, when Ellernate came into their DMs and asked about a friend group in the ORC known as “F14” (Friends14).

Ellernate tells Victim 2 about the fact he plays World of Warcraft, which will come back up later.

Victim 2 and Ellernate talked regularly after these DMs, however the next thing of importance is on the 7th/8th.
Ellernate told Victim 2 about the fact he had a surgery when they were both playing Welcome to ROBLOX Building in Alphaland.
After the surgery was done, Ellernate DMed Victim 2 about it, while presumably having side-effects from the anesthesia used during his surgery.
Ellernate also told them that he wished the surgery would have side-effects and cause him to die, which had a 20% chance of happening according to him. These 2 topics (drugs and suicide) will come up heavily later.

After this, Ellernate tells Victim 2 about someone he knows who ghosted him. Ellernate has an unhealthy obsession with people ghosting him, and the person he’s talking about is mentioned a lot in these early DMs.

Unprompted, Ellernate asks Victim 2 if they want to get into a relationship. Remember, they have only known eachother for about 5 days at this point.

Ellernate then tells Victim 2 about the same person who ghosted him. It dives into some sexual stuff (like Ellernate’s kinks and his preference during sex), and Ellernate did not ask for Victim 2’s consent.

Ellernate proceeds to talk about the person who ghosted him more, unprompted of course.

Ellernate then reveals he used to be a scammer, and also plans to call the person who ghosted him’s school, which could be considered doxxing [citation needed]

Nate then has a breakdown(?) about the dude.

This info made Victim 2 somewhat scared of Ellernate, and especially if they accidentally ghosted him. They somewhat changed their sleep schedule to avoid ghosting Ellernate, which didn’t exactly work out as they still did end up ghosting Nate a few times.

Ellernate started obsessing over Victim 2 a bit, constantly wanting to “find someone like them”, when all they did was just be a decent person to him.

On 12 January 2024, Victim 2 gave in and started flirting with Ellernate. Victim 2 did not have any feelings for Ellernate at this time; they were flirting with him to make sure hedidn’t get mad at them for not reciprocating.

Something very important to note here is the age of Victim 2. They are 17 and Ellernate is 18. This makes their relationship completely legal, as where Ellernate lives the age of consent is 18 and the age of consent where Victim 2 lives is 16. However, this does not excuse what Ellernate did, as a lot of what he said was subtly manipulating Victim 2.

After that, Ellernate attempted to pressure Victim 2 into a relationship with him, which Victim 2 rejected.

Ellernate constantly DMed Victim 2 in an attempt to groom them, constantly telling them about the fact he loved them.

Another thing Ellernate did in an attempt to gain control was ask Victim 2 for their real name. When they refused, Ellernate threatened to ‘find out one way or another”, as an attempt to intimidate Victim 2.

Ellernate brought up apparent “abuse” he suffered in order to make Victim 2 feel bad for him. He did this a ton of times during their relationship.

Ellernate gave Victim 2 his Roblox account’s username. When they checked his inventory there were a lot of questionable items, including shirts with the logo of E621 on it, which is a furry website that is supposedly “safe-for-work” however is mostly filled with porn. Many furry porn addicts that have Roblox accounts usually have a shirt like this somewhere in their inventory. The point of porn addiction will come back up later.
Ellernate then showed a file on his PC of 2 furries with hoodies. The left one says “I’m filled with —>‘s cum” and the right one says ”<— Rape (and something else, but to be honest I can’t transcribe it.) Victim 2 did not consent to this being posted and was weirded out but didn’t say anything, as to not anger Ellernate.

After Victim 2 posted an image of a “minecraft cartel” (they just renamed Sugar to “Cocaína”) Ellernate started slowly hinting at the fact he was going to stick himself with a needle of heroin.

Ellernate tends to talk about his abuse a lot to justify a lot of the weird shit he’s done. He also uses the excuse of “I took the wrong medication” in order to conceal his drug use.

He eventually went back to Victim 2 with the person who “ghosted him”, weeks after they last spoke about them, showing some kind of obsession about this person, also threatening to dox them.

Ellernate suicidebaited Victim 2 a bit after that. According to them, Ellernate suicidebaited in order to either scare them or guilt trip them - personally, I think it was both, but… yeah.

During this specific episode of suicidebaiting Ellernate preyed on the fact that Victim 2 was mentally tired and still awake at around 12 PM/1 AM.

After Victim 2 asked Ellernate to take a break and stop constantly DMing them, Ellernate didn’t reply, which in turn concerned Victim 2 a small bit. Ellernate kept up this 0-contact thing due to the fact he felt “hurt” until 21 January 2024.

(I have No idea what Nate ment with this but have the image)

(See why I told you he said he took the “wrong pills”?)

The final thing Ellernate really did to Victim 2 was randomly sending a weird sexual message to them, after they jokingly posted a gif of the “boykisser” under a guillotine.

Final thoughts

Ellernate has undeniably been proven to be a pedophile. It’s important to always stay vigilant of who you are talking to, because it could be happening to you or someone you know at any time. Please know that if something like this is happening to you or has happened to you, then you shouldn’t be afraid to speak out. It’s perfectly okay to speak out about what happened to you.


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