This document is a copy of Gameguy: The Whole Shabang [sic].

Gameguy: The Whole Shabang

”IK the ORC uses pedo as a buzz word” – Diel


Do not harass anybody involved with this document. Also, this contains mentions of sensitive topics and is not suited to those who are a part of the younger audience.

Aliases you may see him referred to in various screenshots:

  • gameguy
  • iceberg/iceberg112/iceberg122
  • [random word]guy
  • luckyEROND
  • Will

Part #1 | Background information

I met gameguy for the first time when a suspicious account (which was for a project/gimmick character he had just started) joined a server I had based around the Gummibar Community (GBC). I went to check who invited the account, and found him.

Shortly after, I was helping with the gimmick character. I won’t get into that but this is how we met.

Around that time, I had a group chat I made with a few people I met in GoodBlox 1. Eventually, I added him, as well as another guy who was part of the gimmick character (that guy being JaredYoshi/jarkee).

Slowly, the group started to shift from its purpose of being a GoodBlox bloopers group into a general purpose group. Due to this, gameguy made a group chat called offtopic, to which Jared added everyone from the bloopers group.

Part #2 | Shift in personality

Throughout this, gameguy had started to be sexual. This wasn’t to the point where it was all the time yet, but it’s still noteworthy. Eventually, infamous ORC user mostly known as Cukesim was added to the group, who would constantly get annoyed by Gameguy’s sexualness.

Cuke and I formed an attraction to each other, which many of the other members disliked.

Cuke’s hatred of Gameguy eventually got to the point where he and I had a group planning to overthrow him. I really started to dislike him.

Then it happened.

Part #2.1 | Awakening

Due to ongoing drama Cukesim had with 2 members (Diced and Nexo), he was constantly leaving OTGC every day, making callouts, threatening to fuck stuff up, and more.

One thing he said really flipped a switch in my head…

I officially lost all attraction to Cuke at that point. You may ask why I felt the need to include this, and the answer is because that’s when Gameguy began pressuring me to date him.

Part #3 | Forcing me

Note: A lot of screenshots regarding this and him sexualising me during the “relationship” are currently lost, but everything I still have will be included.

During the time period after I lost attraction to Cukesim, Gameguy started getting more sexual, asking me to date him every day, as well as sexualising me. He also had said he was 17, which was not a “new” thing he had said, as he had been saying that ever since the original bloopers group from earlier in the year. Source: Archived DMs with wafkee

It eventually got to the point where I was uncomfortable with gameguy so much that I regretted making the bloopers group. I really really didn’t want to be in the relationship.

Discussing something I was deeply disgusted about

Part #4 | Uncomfortable behaviors

I’ll let the images speak for themselves here.

Some key points:

A few other things to note:

Part #5 | Addressing claims

There have been loads of bullshit spreading around. Read these before you make your opinion.

Part #5.1 | “Manipulation”

This subchapter is in regards to the OTGC Twitter account incident.

Cukesim, in his document, spread a statement claiming I had forced Gameguy to help make him think he forced me to give the OTGC Twitter back to us.

This will need some context. So during the time Cukesim wanted to destroy OTGC, he took our Twitter account. This image was Gameguy and I finding a way to give it back to ourselves, as we were the rightful owner. The reason it needed to “imply” I was forced is because, we all know Cukesim, he would have made our lives a living hell otherwise (which he eventually did anyway).

As you can see, there was no forcing. Gameguy himself was giving the ideas too and I was adding on.

Part #5.2 | “Attempted Server Raid”

This section will be quick, as there’s not much to talk about here.

You may have seen this screenshot. As with basically everything, it was yet again twisted to make it look like I was attempting to get the server nuked.

The reality is that I was trying to make sure Gameguy wasn’t spreading any lies about me to his fanbase, which can be seen by the “if you do join send screenshots in #gaming”.

Nowhere was “nuke” or “raid” brought up here. On top of that, I shortly deleted the announcement.

Part #5.3 | “Sexual” activity coming from me

Basically their one piece of evidence is the image below, which can easily be disproved.

Their key point is the “Would we all be in the same bed”, which they are twisting to be sexual.

Just look at the image, Gameguy was making some nonsense story. Sadly, this group chat is long gone and the only image they included of the conversation excluded much of the beginning, to purposely try and twist my question into being something sexual.

Part #6 | What others have said about Gameguy

You may be wondering about the highlighted part of this image:

Before this shitshow started, quite a few people have made documents about Gameguy and many of his actions. It’s funny how once Cukesim got a chance to make me out as a bad person, he dropped his grudge against Gameguy he had going on.

All documents provided will also be archived on 2 archiving sites (which will be linked as well) in case their owners try to remove them to hide the truth.

Note: These provide some other details and point-of-views of both things I have and have not mentioned here, and also serve as solid evidence to prove many of my statements. I highly suggest reading them all.

About Neek And Gameguy Argue – Google Docs
WayBack Machine Archive | Archive (available on this site) | By GBA

Gameguy Expose Document 1: The Prologue – Google Docs
WayBack Machine Archive | Archive (not yet available on this site) | By Cukesim

Gameguy Expose Document 2: Attempting to Escape – Google Docs
WayBack Machine Archive | Archive (not yet available on this site) | By Cukesim

Part #7 | Schizophrenia

Gameguy has been known to create a large amount of accounts just to start conversations with himself, and trick others.

An example can be seen in Gameguy Expose Document 2, linked above.

Part #7.1 | Alving And The Funkmunks

Context: Alving and the Funkmunks is one of several cryptic “poorly done” projects by Gameguy. This one is rather concerning due to 2 things:

  1. Joking about pedophilia and/or normalizing it (in several videos/songs).
  2. The schizophrenia, which is what we are going to dive into here.

Gransalty is Gameguy’s alternate account, but let’s dive into the Tweets posted there.

First of all, solid proof that it is ran by him: He failed to realize how unhealthy and creepy it is, but he confirmed it was him.

Here are the kinds of conversation Gameguy used the account(s) for. Note that Terry Martini is also him.

Note that the GBA account is a fake one, also operated by Gameguy. He has done this atleast one other time, by impersonating Wafkee on YouTube.

Every person in this image is Gameguy.

LGAMEGUY was an account by Gameguy dedicated to “exposing him” with fake information.

Other than being used in several Funkmunks conversations, this account is unrelated to the subchapter, and will not be further discussed in this subchapter.

Part #8 | Gameguy’s Stance On The Drama

This is right there in front of you but nobody bothered to actually have common sense. Gameguy himself admitted that I am not a pedophile, several times, as well as even defending me a few times.

Part #9 | TL;DR

This entire drama has been massively exaggerated without people doing research.

To put it short, Gameguy was a creep who forced me to “date” him. The true story was told in several documents by many people (which were saved in here by me for you to read), before this drama started. Once Cukesim got the chance to slander me, he quickly changed the story and that’s what it has been ever since.

This document may be updated at any time. Especially when more evidence is found again. I will notify of any new updates to the document.


”if I had a penny for every orc related document that had ‘shebang’ spelled wrong in the name

i would have 2 pennies” – Heliodex