This document is a copy of glass of water exposed . The original has been deleted by the owner, so it may soon become unavailable.


MrPropper (Discord Username: mrpropper69), tahaers and Bigears (and also Leith (Discord Username: switched.2017) but he became a dick rider)


Glass Of Water/Milk Man is an underage 11 yo racist anti-furry, he owns a skidded revival called “ROVIVE”, it’s a 2016, 2018, 2019, and 2021 revival (ffs 2016 – present is NOT a revival), he sends voice recordings of him moaning and saying sus stuff (his Discord username is: glass_of_men) (when a new doc comes he changes he’s username fuck) he can’t do anything without asking for help, HE DOESN’T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT CODING GODDAMN, HE USES CHATGPT, also there’s that guy called Hadi, he dick rides him, he’s in a gay relationship with him, also meditext is a dick rider.


Credits to Leith And MrPropper and Bigears for the pictures


he disabled invites after he got exposed then responded to me with this picture below – MrPropper

Anyways if you see him in any revival, tell the owner of the revival to ban him and please report his account anyways.