This document is a copy of Graphictoria 5: What’s Next?.

Update December 2023: Click here for new information. This document is no longer valid.

Update April 2023: Nope, nope, nope… We’re gone for good

As of now, Graphictoria is dead — but this project is not.
Yes, we’re not going anywhere. And yes, I messed up. Icseon’s decision to take back Graphictoria’s domain is entirely reasonable, I do not blame him for making such a decision. Earlier this year I promised to be more transparent with Graphictoria’s updates and failed to follow through with it after a few posts. Fear not, Graphictoria is still heavily being worked on behind the scenes. Time is a valuable resource that I unfortunately have not had a lot of for the past two years.

What’s next?
We’re rebranding. Simple as pie — yet more bitter. From now on I’ll be taking a more professional approach to this project. I’ve set some goals for what will happen.

The Discord server will be redesigned from the ground up. On release, we’ll be providing an immersive experience for our Discord server that can interact with things on the website. This will include exclusive hats for reaching levels, awards to display on your profile, and many more.

Development logs are going to be less frequent, if at all. The requirement I set for myself to post things in the development logs channel has heavily thwarted my motivation to work on things. I was locking myself down to working on individual features instead of everything all at once. One of my more recent experiments followed this “do as I wish” attitude of development and I’ve really been enjoying it.

I’m going to be less hands-on with the community. I want to be very clear, I DO NOT like this whole trusted & staff superiority complex. It doesn’t work. All parts of our website, Discord, and community as a whole are going to be fair for everyone, no questions asked. Locking things behind a trust-wall just isn’t fun for anyone. No special channels. No special treatment. No relaxed rules. Everyone will be treated the same no matter what, including staff. Nobody is exempt from the rules.

When the new site releases, I am going to be fully hands-off with the economy and so will the staff. I will also refrain from publishing games from my account or an account with special roles. It’s up to the community to build the platform, not me.

2013 isn’t happening. It’s just not. I’ve experimented enough with the 2016 source to know for sure pre-2019 clients are unsafe. I will not be releasing specifics as to what I found, but I would like to let everyone know that it is really bad, reaaaallllllyy bad. Of course, this has been fixed in our 2016 client. No fear. I’m not just saying this to sweep people away from the greater ORC, the chance of this vulnerability being exploited is next to none, if not none. I am one of two people who know about it. The only possibility of 2013/2012 happening is if the source for it magically appears in my direct messages, which just isn’t going to happen.

tl;dr this project isn’t dead.

We couldn’t have gotten this far without all of you. Thank you all for being a part of this community, and I hope you all continue to follow along on our journey.