This document is a copy of TheOfficialLetterE – The man behind idiocracy.


This document is not meant to harass TheOfficialLetterE, it’s just made to inform people about his actions and such. This will only cover the actions TheOfficialLetterE has done against the ORC.

TheOfficialLetterE will be shortened to E sometimes in the document.

If the images appear low quality, I’m sorry for that. Desktop is better at viewing docs images I guess lol

Creator and contributors may remain anonymous for safety reasons.


TheOfficialLetterE is a “youtuber” who has been for past years harassing the Old Roblox Community (ORC) people, as well as spreading misinformation, mass reporting and trying to take down revivals just because he didn’t get an access key. And he’s in the alphabet.(no way) E exploited as well(cool)

Why is he even doing this?

In the beginning E wanted a Finobe key but he realized he needed an invite key for that, instead of asking or waiting for invite keys to drop off or some sort of application to be opened, he started his hating mob against ORC.

The channel link:
A fake one:
Alt account:

His description:

Rioting people against Roblox Revivals to get them taken down

Unsurprisingly, we find out that he has been harassing MEMBERS of the ORC.

As well as intentionally joining in the platforms just to harass some members or “raid servers”.

Also there was an account he made called Alexa or whatever then the account is now deleted which as TheletterE alt the only video posted. Reporting old Roblox revivals To Roblox.

TheletterE joined an old Roblox revival (real dumb) Called Kapish to purposefully exploit in it.

On his alt account he exploited on rewinder, after he did that he tried to join Limbo then got banned almost immediately due to being known for exploiting and lying about revivals, as well as manipulating people into harassing revivals as well as threatening them.

The proof required will be on the next page.

(E is accusing the Old Roblox Community of being nazis.)

E also has a Discord alt account called “blue guy” and he also harasses people on that account too:

Do I even need to say anything? The title alone explains that he is tricking people into doing reporting Roblox revivals + telling people to nuke revivals.


E manipulates people into reporting Roblox revivals and taking them down and he uses alternative accounts and fake evidence of swatting to trick people into taking down platforms he doesn’t have access to.