This document is a copy of The Aftermath of the Aftermath: Meteorite.


The Meteorite website was taken offline for about 2 weeks, then suddenly, it reappeared sometime this week. (1 July 2023 – 7 July 2023)

This document is responding to every point made on that website

This document was kind of rushed and not made to look nice as the OG document was because I really had better things to do than this.

alosh leaks and news


The unnamed person is back

”it was a massive money bleed ranging $60-400 a month to run.”

This is not the cost to run a revival, Quit the lies sushi. And whatever the fuck you’re doing with that money from the donors now, I hope it isn’t crack.

You could run a revival for free if you know what you are doing, of course don’t use 000webhost. You can use trials for VPS and stuff like that, it doesn’t fully require a lot of money.

”The staff I hired didn’t do the best job which is partially my fault.”

The staff I hired didn’t do the best job which is partially all my fault.

You hired staff at the beginning of Meteorite and assumed they would stick together with every trial and tribulation. You never demoted or promoted any staff member for inactivity. The only people that you added to staff was alosh and Icpose (was at the end of Meteorite didn’t matter).

There were also NO PROPER ADMIN TOOLS. The best we had was lookup of users and punishing them and we got admin queue 3 months before Meteorite’s shutdown. So who knows what was accepted or not accepted. That wasn’t on us. That was on you.

And the staff you hired, were at best, complete garbage.
Like, for example: qzip:
This guy is staff on every shit popular revival out there, and I’ve got no idea why. Not to count he’s salty as hell, and refuses to accept any criticism towards him or revivals he’s staff on. Not to count he has no idea on doing anything, seeing as when the Meteorite places leaked, without hesitation he just dipped, not even doing anything to control the damage done.

”I didn’t do enough to keep them doing their best.”

You didn’t tell them to do ANYTHING

This is a point that is going to be repeated on and on again but the staff were not there. It’s going to be repeated because having a revival with no staff is like owning a 300k member Discord server with no staff. It’s unmanageable by yourself and when you did try attempting to hire staff, you somehow fucked up so badly that they mostly didn’t care about the revival and just the Discord server either, and you never picked up to notice that.

”This resulted in some accidents over the course of Meteorite’s 1 year life which I don’t condone and infighting.”

Lol ok but what does this have to do with anything smartass

This doesn’t even make sense either so there isn’t going to be a genuine response without knowing what he actually meant Meteorite was never intended to go anywhere we kinda just expected it to sit there and pull an Austiblox

”I didn’t tell my staff to censor or hide any criticism though I should of been more proactive about what my staff were doing.”

Don’t even try to do this, you did. If you really didn’t, what happened to all the people that got banned for criticism or spreading awareness about stuff? You seemed to proclaim that you made your staff have nothing to go off of yet you allowed them to ban people that had shown constructive criticism that were genuine problems.

”I wanted a break which is why updates slowed down but obviously the website/discord was not in a state to leave.”

yeah because your Discord server was full of furries with degenerating mental states and probably pedophiles too because YOU HAD NO KEY SYSTEM. The old Meteorite had a key system but even then that was flawed because there was no alt protection at all and when keys were removed it was even easier to create an alt. The Discord system added nothing because what’s stopping me linking my Discord account and unlinking it (hint hint, it worked)

“This also upset some staff members which I apologize for.”

fuck kinda coke you’re on??
No staff members were upset or even cared about it except for me and maybe Ktrain (0k)
and again that’s the bad thing.
There were no staff to care.

No staff were demoted for inactivity. Hell, even when 2014 released there was only 1 staff member beta testing with you when you pinged everyone in staff chat (there were 10 staff members).

”First of all, I had already decided to shut down before the document even came out.”

thanks for the shoutout <3

Also that’s a fucking lie. you were CONSIDERING shutting it down before it and the document and place leak was just fuel to the fire. You also knew of Meteorite’s state and chose to do nothing before you shut it down. I’m not going to say it was salvageable because it was not but you could’ve at least done something.

Also if this was the case, why did you have Icpose make an entire new frontend just for it to go to waste?

”It didn’t influence this decision in any way.”


lol ok buddy say that to yo bitch ass boyfriend or whatever – pinzit

Im keeping that in post – alosh

”Now, we will skip over criticisms of the website itself as that doesn’t matter.”

Wait until brother realizes a site is a core part of a revival. It can make or break a revival. It’s either coded horribly (Meteorite) or just straight up doesn’t work.

Hell, I’ve even seen a revival WITH A BASE HTML PAGE and its backend is better than Meteorite.

Going back on topic, the website was horrible. The first iteration was actually so horrible it was insane. The first iteration can be found here. I cannot find anything about the other pages but they were actually so horrible I could probably make a better one. The first iteration was also stolen from Mercury/Krypton for their design with the floating lines/vertices. [1] The second iteration wasn’t that bad, but it made everything put to the top of the website. The third one was pretty much the same as the second one, wrong buttons, no aligning, no whitespace, etc.

Going back on topic, again, the site can make or break a revival. It does matter. You practically swept this under the rug, hoping nobody will realize how bad it is because most of your community are underages that don’t know what inspect element is or just doesn’t know what’s right or wrong

”Two problematic individuals in the community were a result of my bad management and staff favoritism over members.”

And you didn’t do anything about those problematic individuals and one of them you’re dating. The exact one that inserted e621 decals into Tadah with a bunch of 13 or 14 year olds in the server and that is almost an adult and in many countries, which is considered pedophilia and of course you kept them in the server until the very end and they still weren’t banned. The other one is known for making Roblox furry porn animations and you kept in the server until right to the very end until JohnBowling criticized you and how you kept them in until they were finally banned. You also knew about this entire thing because you were actively chatting in the Discord server at the time and you knew it was happening because you paused development to interact with the community. Now I’m not saying interacting with the community is bad, hell, it’s one of the core parts to getting your community to trust you, but when you actively knew what was happening and chose to do nothing just breaks the point of you chatting in the Discord server anyways.

Staff favoritism?
which staff members exactly

I do not remember a single staff member having favoritism other than you keeping those individuals in the server UNDER YOUR CHOICE while knowing what they did and the fact you still continued to pass this off as it was nothing and swept this under the rug like nothing happened.

”Security of Meteorite was compromised from a lazy config error but I did my best to minimize the damage and as far as I’m aware only around 70 places leaked on the internet.”

How do you just ignore security?

One of the most important things about a revival is its security. You don’t want your users’ IPs getting leaked or even worse, their exact location (I know you can’t get that from connecting to a VPS but still) You can’t just ignore it and which to seem, you did.

Now I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt here, you were the only developer working on everything. (clients, site) Which, fair enough. You were more focused on other things and may never had time to do other things than security. Now I would’ve believed this point if you weren’t actively chatting on the Discord server. Pausing development, but you had free time than working on the core part of the revival itself. You could’ve worked on the security there.

But anyways, trust me sushi, More than 70 places leaked elsewhere.

Conclusion, again

Everything here was preventable from the get-go. You could’ve had more developers. Actually checked in on your staff to see if they were even active or even just looking at the Discord server or site. You could’ve made better financial decisions instead of spending it on a monster gameserver that still can’t handle more than a couple of renders to slow down the site. Meteorite was never intended to go anywhere right from the get-go just because of how poorly it was made.

I hope i don’t have to ever write anything regarding this shit again because this is a waste of my god damn time – pinzit

pinzit i really couldnt gaf so sushi if your going to respond please use actual grammar – alosh


Sushi I know you’re reading this. Don’t try to deny it, you’ve seen the other one and you most likely seen this one.

We can come to a mutual agreement. If you please fix your community and all the points stated in this document, we may have pity.

(yes, we know you’re planning a comeback eventually, if that wasn’t that case you would have sold the domain by now.)

The document gang


[1]: This is likely referring to the site’s background using particles.js, which was also later removed from Mercury and Krypton’s websites.