This document is a copy of mielk man ta howl sasang… [sic?]. It has unfixable spelling errors.

mielk man ta howl sasang…

He leaked our hard work, so bad bad man

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa we worked hard for this

Ok so what happened now…

Basically this bitch, uhhh lemme get the images

Yeah he like did cozmo very bad…

And he skidded,

Chapter 2: porn

He is like addicted to fucking porn (ong)
So basically he fucking loves porn for some reason I think
He’s so addicted like he needs help

Also fun fact: mods can do anything in the server (even post child sexual abuse material), which is so not cool

Anyways, he didn’t admit that he skidded here even though he did

anyways liek he now admitted but he fucking LEAKED none source so now shitvivals will be so uh yeah
Milk man is stupid… ong
Also he played shit battles on limbo

Hi it’s me usb:
Just to let you know, we forgave milk man after the incident was done. He cancelled all the project and he came back to limbo, just one second after he came up and sent the NoneRev (skidded) source to the limbo general. He basically leaked our work and peepee poopoo so that was very bad yes

And its real fucking code he put on limbo


fak yoy milk man