This document is a copy of About Neek And Gameguy Argue.

About Neek And Gameguy Argue

Look, I’m really tired of the same shit, I really just want to move on but you guys are still arguing about the same thing. I’m gonna tell you how I feel and what’s going on.

What’s going on?

Neek was recently got kicked from OffTopicGC because of toxicity/begging for becoming the owner/because gameguy hates him, now, I myself don’t like how it ended, BECAUSE EVEN IF HE GOT KICKED THE ARGUMENT WOULD STILL BE GOING, JUST LIKE THE Old Roblox Community. I just don’t want this to turn bad, I want to just turn things back to normal.

As for now the argument is still not over yet and new things happened so I had to edit this doc.

1. Problems with gameguy

Look gameguy, if you’re reading this that doesn’t mean I hate you, but you do have some problems that makes you annoying to some people and obviously neek, you probably caused neek to have toxicity, just look at this picture that I found

Tell me what you think about this, I mean like that a bit true but not like this, it’s not even funny at all, you also really take things not seriously whenever something happens, you need to think about taking things a little more seriously because keeping up like that won’t help you.

2. ORC movements at OTGC (sorry neek)

This argue has been going on for 2 months and has never been solved, no one is doing anything to stop this but makes it worse and worse, that’s a fucking orc movement when they keep reminding people about argues so it never dies, same thing happends at otgc, even at my DMs with neek, you guys should sort this out and actually end this war of 10v1, because again, THIS IS ORC MOVEMENT.

3. Gameguy acting as neek

Yeah, you heard me right, gameguy has been trying to act as neek and make weird ass stuff, which I said on log2, keeping this up won’t solve this argue, you just cause it to get bigger and worse.


He even made a TikTok account, I don’t even know why

You should see what he liked, you’re literally gonna come to me and say “YOU SHOULDN’T HAVE TOLD HIM” when you’re just trying to fake expose him, he didn’t even do it at all so why would you?

4. Neek not trusting me anymore

Look at what you caused, your own friend you call as your son, he now doesn’t trust me too much because I had to lie about everything, he probably hates me more than calling me as a friend, I begged you to tell him the true but you never did or would do it as an excuse, if neek now hates me, I hate you.

5. Neek Acting Weird

When neek used to be at otgc, he used to tell carly lots of weird stuff about s#x and stuff that nobody liked, we kept telling you but still didn’t stop, you even kept going to carly’s ass in-game, that so gross man, please stop it.

Yeah I can’t type more than this, I had a mental breakdown while typing it, if this docs made you mad I’m really sorry, I just don’t feel right recently.

I accept any funny responses but I’d like to see you respond seriously and tell me what do you think.

This will still be edited if things get worse.