This document is a copy of Retro Dev: Behind The Scenes.

Retro Dev: Behind the Scenes

Written by Childx Moderator MTS

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Disclaimer: The group childx isn’t perfect just like Retro Dev (edit suggested)

FYI: I thank those who are getting the message out due to the corruption and also terrible things happening at Retro Dev while Cristiano and his friends are trying to start drama because of this Document and also For those wondering Onemug will not be mentioned here despite of her actions such as starting serious (which were false) accusations at people and then insulting them afterwards.

If you only want to hear about the Doxxing, pedophilia and nsfw then I suggest you scroll down until you hit the “Doxxing Users” section.

Let’s Understand for all of those people who joined Retro Dev or have been active in the server for long enough have witnessed Cristiano100’s doing such as Brainwashing, Guilt Tripping, Breaking His Own rules etc.

This Document was only written by MTS and The Following screenshots do not have inspect element on it and If you see any “Deleted User” in the screenshot that was Cristiano100 old account but banned. Anyways time for quotes for Cristiano100 here for himself

”Cristiano. I’m going to be very real with you: it really doesn’t feel like you know what you’re doing right now. You’re constantly breaking the server’s very own rules without any sort of punishment, despite the fact that others are banned for doing the same exact sort of things. And on top of that, you keep dodging the question. There is a very, very, VERY serious double standard that not only you but everyone else on the staff team should take time to reconsider and correct.

There, is that enough of a well thought out response? Do I need to think some more?”

- Whiteface

”You know cristiano100 gets his respect because he bans people for talking about what stuff he does and how bad he is at managing Retro Dev, even people called him out because he banned someone for talking just about him and got his admin to ban them. F##king r#tard can’t even do s##t for once like taking the criticism or something like that while you sit around, f##k around on Retro Dev, invite friends and give them roles, be a crybaby to revivals all the time and then you leak ip’s out and right thinkin you are some s##t and tough at the same time while you cry to other revivals to get people banned. Like literally the only reason half of the Retro Dev playerbase applies for admin is just to do the exact thing cristiano100 and other admins do. THIS wasn’t the situation for 2 trial admins Patomario and Thomasluigi07 when they were giving out joke strikes despite other admins doing it. The Retro Dev community is full of 7 year olds thinkin they can be famous in the community for at least 0.5 seconds before they make a simon says game and becoming admin for Retro dev just to become famous. At least just do your f##king job, oh wait cristiano100 doesn’t allow you to follow the staff rules because he lets you f##k around all god damn day banning players for the wrong reasons. I hope Cristiano100 gets his s##t right together and actually focus on Retro Dev developing instead of eating cheetos on his desk with his gaming toilet headed #ss.”

- MTS aka me

They are only doing this because Cristiano100 might fire them because of his power tripping.

Brainwashing his Community/Scamming

Some of you do or don’t know that Cristiano100 would ban users that go against him or criticize him on what he’s doing all the time. But what I am about to show is evidence that This developer who “Develops” an active game that has 10k people in their Discord server brainwashing people about a certain website being malware.

Worker who is or was a staff member for Tadah and was banned by Cristiano100 for exactly no reason according to this screenshot above, You can even search this in Discord messages if you are in the Retro Dev server. Now if you look at this screenshot Cristiano claims that Tadah is malware without even evidence about this

In this screenshot Cristiano is brainwashing people that Tadah is malware and the reason why is unknown but there are 3 possibilities but This is because Tadah has an actual more active community than Retro Dev or he was banned from Tadah. But here is where the good stuff happens According to the new screenshots provided from staff general

Due to him being friends with the Roblosium Owner Geno and ItsJustAPlayer he always goes to them when a user is banned for just getting banned from Retro Dev, Such cases like this was steadiyer (he is mentioned later) and many other players who go against Cristiano100, because of them being best friends he would give them roles such as Trusted and stuff like that so them both can be on his good side which is a theory of why Cristiano goes to them. (Not related but According to a user in a VC they claimed that there was another Retro Dev related server which was for people that were testers at the time, apparently they were talking about how Cristiano100 does worse things on Retro dev and when he figured out what was going on he banned everyone except for the person who claimed it happened since he left)

Now for the people who were around the time the Trailers Contest came out and don’t know why the trailers never got announced even to this day? Here is the reason why. CRISTAINO100 was too lazy to even view the trailers even after the submissions were even closed and never viewed them which lead to him admitting in a ticket that he created and The following messages were not inspect element as we saved the ticket transcript messages so we could prove that he said this.

For anybody wanting to see the screenshot here is it below

Your developer had scammed everyone and wasted people’s editing on a trailer contest that never announced it winners all because a Single Developer that Ayray won’t fire didn’t view the videos

Free Ranking

This is a big problem in the Retro Dev Community with either devs giving out free roles to people or other stuff which is also another big problem in other groups but Cristiano100 does the same thing but tries to act like he’s the owner.

Wyhlster was an infamous case of this because he was an apparent IRL Friend of Cristiano100 which explains why he would receive roles and would even break rules but not get banned.

However, everything would change due to drama that happened because Cristiano100 was talking about Wyhlster and other friends of his which led to him getting banned from Retro Dev and Surprisingly he made up a reason on why he was banned which was true but false at the same time. Sadly there is no evidence of this but was stated by an admin which I will not name.

Another case of giving free roles to his friend was when a player named Naut got a fake developer role that was not only above the admin role but above the Ex Developer role according to this screenshot below

(Note that the fake Developer role is below Lead Developer)

Doxxing Users

The Following evidence was said by a former Admin who had quit Retro dev due to ORC having problems with doxxing.

Retro Dev users who have been around in late 2021 might know a user known as Cukesim who is infamous/hated in the ORC for his actions, Cristiano thought it was a good idea to dox Cukesim and even ask for it by leaking his IP due to a minecraft server they ran.

Due to reasons I can’t explain some much so the context will be in the screenshots below.

Note that this breaks rule 4

WARNING: The following category talks about pedophilia and NSFW, Please beware.


For People that don’t know what happens behind the scenes at Retro dev then please go to this document which shows the uncensored version: Retro Dev??? (document only contains one screenshot, no current plans to make it available on this site)

Now if you ever heard of Staff NSFW, people might think there was no actual NSFW posted there but however after getting into 5 staff channels we’ve found a screenshot that shows the staff NSFW followed by another screenshot of a Roblox condo game which is against TOS. The staff member who was involved will not be named for reasons.

(Proof that staff nsfw did have actual nsfw in it and notice the timestamp)

(Staff were even warned to not post NSFW in 2020 but Cristiano100 yet never deleted it)

Now the shocking part behind the whole thing of Staff NSFW is that actual NSFW was posted but staff members joining in condo games to post it and just an reminder that some staff members were underage at the time which even Breaks Discord and Roblox TOS, according to another person which was mentioned earlier claimed they posted a Condo place file which was very known in the Roblox Condo community, yet the staff member involved wasn’t fired and kept moderating to this day. The Worst part about this is that this is illegal according to Federal Law.

”Federal law strictly prohibits the distribution of obscene matter to minors. Any transfer or attempt to transfer such material to a minor under the age of 16, including over the Internet, is punishable under federal law. It is also illegal to use misleading website domain names with intent to deceive a minor into viewing harmful or obscene material.”

Cristiano and some staff members raided somebody’s game by putting NSFW content in their game all because they hated him.

(As said before, Deleted User is Cristiano’s old account)

Before anybody including Cristiano comes up with a excuse that this was a old message from 2020, Cristiano100 still does post fetish art such as foot fetish etc. and also Cristiano100 never had any action taken on him despite the stuff he does, he guilt trips ayray which explains why he wasn’t demoted before. (Due to also some reasons I will be listing all of the evidence of Cristiano100’s doing in another document so if you want to see all of the screenshots please go below)
Reasons that Cristiano should get Fired (not yet available on this site)
Even after all of that evidence listed in the document he yet bans someone for posting the same thing that he posts

The rbxl files that were posted can be found here with that condo file included. (link 404s at time of transcription. an archive is available here)

Another shocking thing is that Retro Dev has a pedophilia problem on their staff team which lead to not one, not two, but three staff members getting fired for being pedophiles. The problem started to get bad after a situation happened with Melvin after a victim went to an admin claiming that Melvin was grooming them which also caused chaos in the Retro Dev community because of reasons

  1. The Victim was hated in the community
  2. Melvin was under 13 when he got accepted to admin
  3. Hiya was 13 and Melvin was 12 which people thought hiya was grooming them.
  4. Melvin Tried to make Hiya hated by asking Childx owner Tony

During the Situation admins couldn’t make this public which there is a reason why but other groups would fire their admins then just announce why it happened. Another Problem was when both Melvin and Hiya requested for the document to be deleted which did happen for 3 hours until it was brought back for an unknown reason which was giving Hiya and Melvin more hate due to them being infamous in the community.

Let’s not forget that Cristiano himself breaks NSFW rules by joking about pedophilia and by the way you can still find this message by searching it in Retro Dev.


Ayray if you have read all of the amounts of evidence posted here including multiple people including active and well known players claiming this stuff was true. It is time to make a choice to either demote cristiano or ban him from the community.