This document is a copy of Exposing RetroStuff/Speakerpro2 and Ukensai/Arktos/Sel/Polinal. The original document has been replaced with a short statement. See the Additions section for more information.

If you don’t know who Retro or Ukensai are, they’re both SBC (Sandbox Community) and ORC (Old Roblox Community) users. Retro is better known as Speakerpro2/CubeLogix, using his new alias to avoid controversy for his past actions. On the contrary, Ukensai, who goes by multiple aliases (one I have not listed yet is xonruins), was dating Retro, both doing some seriously disgusting & messed up stuff. This document covers their actions which were both between them and with other users.

Throughout this document, I will be referring to them as “Retro” and “Ukensai” but if you want to know other names they have used in the past, some are listed in the document’s title.

Retro’s shenanigans on Hummus (June-October 2022)

Retro is not only active on sandbox sites, but Discord clones. Hummus is one of these alternatives (and although there are more that he has joined, Hummus seems to be his primary focus when it comes to his activity.)


Retro creates alt accounts to post nonsense relating to whatever joke he is trying to achieve. The majority of the time (and I mean every time) he fails to make anyone laugh and instead annoys everyone, flooding server channels with his nonsense.

I think you understand the general idea. He’s an annoying troll. He never stops no matter what anyone says to him.
Another instance of Retro’s trolling (Bullying davo)

Retro’s weird obsession with furries

Harassment in private messages

Retro continues to cause this trouble in innocent user’s private messages.

Raiding servers/group chats

Retro is also known for raiding people’s servers or group chats.

Retro meets Ukensai (October-November 2022)

Around this time, Retro meets Ukensai through Polytoria, who is better known as Polinal/Sel in this community. The two begin to chat and flirt, with Retro beginning to obsess over her.

In this photo, Retro created a drawing of Ukensai and was sending the image around.

Retro would continue to create drawings of this user (keep this in mind as it becomes important later)

Flirting/Suggestive or sexual messages

Retro would continue to flirt with Ukensai, the both showing a growing interest between each other. He would also occasionally bring her up in discussions with other users.

With the release of BrickPlanet, the two would become very active on the site and would occasionally flirt on the forums.

Retro is exposed for creating porn of Ukensai

Retro made a mistake and accidentally sent porn he had created of Ukensai to Davo.

Even worse, the ears used for the furry characters are STOLEN from Polytoria.

Ukensai is exposed for cheating with Retro

Mind you, WITH Retro.
Ukensai claimed she was not dating anyone (this includes Retro) but these claims were soon disregarded after discovering that one of her alt accounst showed her allegedly “loving” a user on the site.

This user is Low Profit. Also known as Marcocide, he was not aware of Ukensai flirting with Retro (Keep this in mind for later).

Confronting Ukensai and aletring Low Profit

We were able to get into a group chat with Ukensai and we asked her various questions, many of her responses were later challenged as we continued to obtain better information.

Sel’s last message in this photo is false as she has sexually harassed/acted in sexual ways with many other people in the SBC (including but not limited to: fzorb, Marcocide)

The group chat was able to provide significant evidence, as well as expose Ukensai’s true self.

Marcocide breaks up with Ukensai

During all this time, Marcocide and Ukensai were dating. Marcocide ended his relationship with Ukensai after all this disgusting stuff came to light.

Ukensai sexually harasses/manipulates multiple users

The following images were sent by Macrocide to try and bring to light what she had been doing in the background.

Ukensai’s zoophile twitter

Ukensai owns a zoophile twitter account, her excuse for it is that it is “satire”, which she ONLY SAID after we brought it up again. She never made an attempt to try and make it look like it was satire until we threatened to bring the topic up again. It also turns out she is Ban On Sight on Brick Hill due to this twitter account. Images are below.

Example of her saying it is “satire” after we brought it up:

Retro sexually abuses Ukensai (November-December 2022)

Everything is in the photos. I shouldn’t have to explain. We have slowly been squeezing out evidence by getting Ukensai to admit what Retro did.

Retro has an exotic roleplay with Ukensai

Ukensai admitted Retro made porn of her, plus the multiple simp drawings.

Another one of speaker’s drawings

More Retro/Ukensai interactions

Retro’s reaction, and “Response”

Retro is now trying to get out of this, saying that “it was a joke” as his excuse. Nice try, but I don’t think this was a joke. Clearly he’s an immature and disgusting user.

Misc. evidence (Stuff I’m not sure about or isn’t important)

Retro’s fake “EpicXDavo” channel

Retro is allegedly behind a channel created to mock Davo. Some of the videos on this channel were a video containing multiple photos of Davo on forum sites taken out of context, a video claiming Davo “stalks” girls with a video clip of someone who isn’t davo, but similar in appearance, sitting behind some girls, and a video titled “EpicXDavo Found Footage” which is simply a video of a Youtube content creator testing a video camera, who also looks slightly like Davo.

Retro attempts to cookielog someone

Very little information. I have heard Retro created phishing links and attempted to get random people to click them, with the links redirecting to a NSFW website.

Impersonation of LG125YT on Reddit and Epic-Hill (Brick Hill 2017 Clone), as well as hacking LG125YT

There is simply no solid proof to back up these claims, although a significant amount of red flags pointing to him being the possible culprit.

Retro’s obsession with Jaiden Animations, YouTube animator

I do have proof for this, and yes, I’m sure some people are aware, but it simply isn’t that important. It’s just pretty funny.

Honestly, most of this stuff isn’t far out of Retro’s league when it comes to his behavior. He impersonates, harasses, and bullies a lot of people, and he’s also extremely weird and creepy, but I don’t care to include any of this as a serious topic. This is the end of this document. If further evidence is discovered, it will be posted below. I will continue to update this.[1]


The current content of the original document is as follows.

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[1]: So I guess this isn’t true anymore