This document is a copy of Samtheman expose doc.

Hello, Aep here.

Today I am going to expose samtheman for taking down Fossci’s domain and VPS.

First of all, he keeps calling me malicious because I defended Life, who owned OldEcs, and samtheman claims he does malicious things. OldEcs is open source, and in the source there is nothing malicious.

This is just proof he’s a fucking loser. This guy doesn’t know shit. He worked for Project X. aka an ECS revival. He was a loser there and didn’t know shit either. He still doesn’t. He is now trying to terminate my Discord account, yet he can’t do anything. In a bit, I will show proof about the ECS revival situation, etc.

He admitted to working on an exploit called Trollware/Pizzaparty for Fossci and Uriven.

Yes I was in the trollware server, however I **NEVER** used it at all, or worked on it, I was just a spectator.

Samtheman ADMITTING to taking down the domain and VPS. He failed to take down the VPS though I think, L to him.

This guy has no knowledge on patching anything. All he did for Project X was SKID. SKID. SKID. He can’t make his own revival. He’s just a loser sitting in his bedroom sleeping all day and trying to take down Fossci.

He is doing this all because I have one member in the server. That’s it. This is just petty and pathetic.

None of this is true.

He can’t code for shit.

He thinks he’s so powerful, yet he is a little bitch who gets pressed on his ass all day. Samtheman was also lying about the raw IP thing in life’s console.

I bet he can’t even figure out how to patch a VMPed client.
He’d skid it like always.
This guy is a skid and you should never trust him.

He will take down your domain and VPS and other stuff.


I muted him for 7 days in the server. He is a clown. Do NOT trust this guy in any way shape or form.

Fossci’s new domain is if we do lose

This guy also said md5 hashing strings for hashing stuff is secure asf… LOL


Samtheman has responded to this document with a video Genuine response to Aep, which may also be of interest.