This document is a copy of Statement against 608 (Also known as Carly).

Large portions of this document are duplicated into The 608 Documentary (available on this site) and Evidence Against 608/Carly (available on this site), where more content may be available.

Statement against 608 (Also known as Carly)

NOTE: There is a new, shorter, more concise document with a bit of new evidence here: Evidence Against 608/Carly (available on this site).

(IMPORTANT: This document is not on “Neek’s side”, this document is the truth explained to the best of my ability. This document is on the side of the truth only.)

(NOTE: If you do not wish to read the statement, you can skip directly to the evidence and figure things out there. I have explained each piece of evidence in as much detail as I can.)

Do not attack her for what she did. Anyone who attacks her for what she did does not have my support.

worldcash’s statement

As a person, I’ve always tried to shy away from this type of “expose” thing, as I feel it’s always caused unnecessary drama, but this is something I cannot ignore.

608 has continuously manipulated others for her own gain, and although she has explained to me and others before that she doesn’t have other people to talk to other than OTGC and has issues with mental health, that does not excuse her behavior whatsoever.

An example of this was her manipulation of gameguy in order to stay in a relationship with him, due to her “fear of being kicked from OTGC”, as she said in DMs with me when I confronted her.

Perhaps 608 is right in her defense in which she says she is not a pedophile, and perhaps she really isn’t interested in 13 year olds, but regardless, she is a groomer, and that is a fact. She manipulated gameguy, a 13 year old, to stay in a relationship with her because of her own goals.

This was the last straw for me, and I cannot facilitate her constant manipulation anymore.

Another argument she made is that it’s not illegal because she is 17 and they were both minors. No. This is a 3.5 year age gap, 608. 13 year olds are not as developed as 17 year olds. Regardless of legality, you should not be doing this.

She also attempted to ask me how I know she is 17. I know you’re 17, 608. You said it before. Evidence is provided in the evidence section.

She also did the same to a person named “Marble” (aliases include Neek, qunjz, Cukesim, etc.), and convinced gameguy to help her in manipulating him to think she still loves him, despite her disinterest in him. She did this because of Marble’s continuous attempts of trying to force ownership of OTGC to be transferred himself, causing her to lose interest in him.

Regardless of her reasoning for this, this is wrong. She should have told him directly that she was not interested in him. She made it look like gameguy was the one making the arguments by telling gameguy to say the things she wanted to say to him.

The only reason she ended up telling him was because I gave her a time limit to do so (a week) after hearing many people in OTGC seem distraught about it, including gameguy.

Marble ended up finding out beforehand though, and thus ended up not liking OTGC due to that, despite attempts at trying to reconcile with him in a GC. He still did not know gameguy was told to do what he did by 608 until months later.

Marble did many bad actions towards 608/OTGC. I cannot deny that. However, luckily, lately he has listened to my advice to cease the actions that he was doing. He does not defend some of his actions, although other actions he did, like creating documents/videos on her, are completely understandable.

The evidence to everything, along with a statement below each explaining what they are for is below.

Evidence against 608 (Also known as Carly)

Proof that she is 17

(CarlyCell is 608.
luckyEROND is gameguy.
kiki but real is scarf.)

She did not deny “becuz ur 17]“. This was one day before the breakup. (The breakup happened on 11 October 2022.)

Above is proof that she turned 17 on 17 September 2022.

The point in which she knew gameguy’s age

She said “i wouldnt”. This one is obvious. She was 16 during this exchange. However, they continued dating until 11 October 2022. She turned 17 within that timeframe, and yet still continued to date him. According to 608 when I confronted her, she did not like him anymore after he admitted this.

Whether you wish to believe her is up to you, but either way you look at it, it is either that she is a pedophile if she did like him, or that she is a groomer if she did not like him, due to the fact she kept dating him regardless and manipulated him into staying in the relationship.

The breakup

Above is the breakup with gameguy that I mentioned before. It happened on 11 October 2022, almost a month after she turned 17.

Gameguy note:

“almost a month after she turned 17” I planned to break up on her birthday but that seemed really cruel so uh yeah

The Confrontation

The dating was known very well in OTGC. Some people thought it was a joke, others did not. However, no one at the time realized that gameguy was 13. Most of them thought he was 15/17, except 608, who knew that he was 13 on 17 August 2022.

Then gameguy told me his age, and Official B confirmed it as a witness to his birth certificate. As a person, I should have done something about it at this point, as I knew 608 was 17, but I stayed silent. I didn’t want to cause drama.

On the day of 12 October 2022, one day after the breakup, gameguy talked to Neek about it. Neek was obviously disgusted, as he thought gameguy was 15 beforehand. Seeing him disgusted made me wake up to the issue at hand, realizing that allowing 608 to get away with this is not an option. 608 does not show any actions that display remorse. She did not tell gameguy in any way “I’m sorry for dating you” (Update: She said it after this document was released, read “Response to 608’s Response” for more information).

I decided it was time to confront 608 about this. Or well, Neek did, after hearing my reluctance to talk about it publicly. Neek told us he had a GC with her in it still in his DM history, and thus invited me and gameguy to it.

608 did not talk in that GC at all. Instead, she jumped straight into my DMs, asking me what she did. This is the DM history taken from that talk.

Statement regarding the use of the word “pedophile”

People have criticised my use of the word “pedophile” to describe her in this confrontation due to her age being 17, so I will make a statement about it.

For context, here are the times I have used this wording to describe her.

This was my personal opinion of her at the time. I knew that a 17 year old is not as developed as a 13 year old, and that a 17 year old is almost a grown adult, compared to a 13 year old, who is someone who has just become a teenager and has not reached puberty, so I was disappointed and angry. I saw her as a pedophile because of this.

As a 17 year old, she should have known better. Of course, legally, she is in fact not a pedophile due to her age, but that does not excuse her behaviour whatsoever. She is still a groomer, regardless of how you look at it.

Whether you wish to believe she is a pedophile or not is up to whether or not you wish to take into account the legal implication of pedophile, or the dictionary definition of pedophile.

The dictionary definition.

The definition on (

End of statement.

608’s behavior regarding the evidence

There are many cases of which 608 is outright lying to people in order to convince them that she is not a groomer. She hides evidence, puts evidence out of context, etc.

What people think of her actions is up to them. Showing them the full evidence is required to get their true opinion on the matter, and to properly defend yourself.

She knows what she’s doing.

None of your points deny the fact you dated gameguy while 17 and knowing his age for a whole month. I do listen to your arguments, as seen throughout this document, however none of what you said disproves that key fact. Staying silent on this is not an option, as you have demonstrated that you are good at manipulating those around you. If this was kept silent/private, you would simply get away with it.

I understand that there is the possibility that you are not a pedophile (Update: Check “Evidence against 608’s Counter Argument” for more information), but there is no doubt in my mind that you are a groomer, as you manipulated gameguy.

Another activity that 608 seems to do is manipulating people into thinking I want her doxxed. This is one of the reasons I’m making this document in the first place. In order to set things straight, and to avoid the deliberate confusion that she is giving to everyone. I was hoping leaving it to Neek’s response would do, but I now realize I need to compile all of the evidence in order to explain things more efficiently.

Full image that wafkee got sent.

She told this to wafkee. I do not hate 608, I am only disappointed. I am disgusted in her actions. As you saw in the confrontation DMs, I do not wish for her to get doxxed. I said the opposite of that, and 608 took it out of context on purpose.

This image is two out of context images spliced together, by the way.

Full images.

Accidental False Evidence

There is a piece of false evidence which got out of hand from people who I showed the evidence to, which is another reason why I wanted to make this document.

As you can see, this was a joke post. Sadly, it was accidentally sent once in public by Neek, but it was immediately deleted after I told Neek it was false information.

I don’t believe anyone saw it other than 608, and I don’t believe anyone saved it either. All you need to know is that if you see that screenshot, it’s out of context.

What 608 made Gameguy do

A statement from gameguy:

Hi guys, gameguy here to write about how Carly made me protect her honor by taking blame for multiple things like tricking bekzii and croissant into thinking that I was the one to own the OffTopicGC Discord account, she had me fake multiple screenshots of her accusing me of owning the account all while I was blissfully unaware of what I was doing, the OffTopicGC account was previously used for (if I remember what she said correctly) pretending to be a doxxer called diparonasui. Obviously this may NOT be all correct but is all that I can recall due to it being rather a long time ago. She also was able to PERFECTLY impersonate me on the otgc Twitter account. Right here.

This was ALSO carly, no input from me to do this because I was asleep when these messages were sent

I know I am agreeing in the screenshot but I wasn’t in the right mind to make these choices, it genuinely makes me sick to my stomach that we did this to Marble

This one needs a bit of context, Micheal white is a transphobic “super straight guy” that carly, temporalist, and I met a while back, this is what carly is trying to say michael (non homophobic, overall a friendly and nice guy) is:

She hadn’t even heard his voice at that time.

My name is Will and that’s it for now! See ya!

End of statement

This is proof that gameguy genuinely created this statement.

Evidence against 608’s counter argument

This was after she knew his age. She could have declined, but she consented to it. If she truly was disinterested in gameguy after he told her his age, she would have declined.

I disagree with what Official B requested their permission to do, but as he is 15 I cannot call it pedophilia. Official B did not know his age at the time.

Gameguy note: This may sound like a shitty excuse but I wasn’t in the right mind back then, I have changed for the better.

608’s threats to Wafkee (TW: FAKE S**CIDE THREATS)

Update: A new image has shown what 608 has deleted above. Originally the bottom message (the message she deleted) was not in the above image, but it has been found within a new image, which has been put above, replacing the old one. Context: Wafkee said “if you call me a traitor i’m gonna block everyone” in OTGC after I posted my response. (Evidence in image below)

As you can see, 608 is not very happy about Wafkee’s choice to tell me about her lies.

608 said this to Wafkee, and then deleted it. The image attached to her message refers to a part of my document where I told her that suicide is not the answer to her problems. (Refer to “Conclusion” to find the exact place I said it.)

Wafkee was very upset by this. He was freaking out because of it and told me about what you said, and he was genuinely worried that you were going to do this.

She then said she’s sorry for the message she deleted, but I doubt that considering the fact she has attempted to threaten Wafkee to do multiple things for her by saying she will commit suicide if he doesn’t in the past. That is not acceptable behaviour. That is abusive. She also deleted it, which shows she is attempting to hide the fact she said it. She deleted the other instances of suicide threatening too.

There is no “just end and everyone be friends again”. Do you think people could just easily forget about this? You haven’t proven anything I said wrong. If things did go back to the way they were, it would feel off. No one but you would like that.

As for the top image, Wafkee did not ruin your life, 608. You did. This entire document is the truth, told from the best of my ability. What Wafkee told me about is the truth, and you did in fact attempt to manipulate him into believing that I wanted you doxxed.

Wafkee was not happy to hear this from you. He was scared, but not anymore.

I am heavily disappointed in you, 608. Your behaviour up until now has proven everything to me. You are a bad person and need to grow up. Take responsibility for your actions.

If you do anything to Wafkee, it will be added to this document.

Response to 608’s Response

This is my response to her response document, linked here: The Carly Response (Mostly About The Gameguy Situation Currently) (available on this site)

I knew about this beforehand, but the fact still remains that you manipulated Neek into thinking you still loved him, and convinced gameguy to take the blame for actions you made yourself. You should have dropped the relationship there and then, but instead you made it into a bigger issue than it had to be.

Neek’s constant attempts to gain control of OTGC are something I cannot defend, but I cannot defend your manipulation of Neek either.

What you did is wrong, and you cannot justify it by saying that Neek did bad things too. Everybody already knows what Neek did, so it’s time for people to know what you did.

I have nothing to say here, other than the fact that what he said wasn’t “weird”, it was a genuine question.

You did agree to a sexual thing with gameguy, and while knowing his age. Check “Evidence against 608’s Counter Argument” for more information.

I did not add it because I did not think it was a necessary addition. You did not manipulate Yakova/scarf from my knowledge, it was gameguy that wished for her to be in the relationship.

Update, here is a statement from Yakova/scarf regarding this:

I never said you seek out people who you have a large age gap with. There is no evidence to suggest that to my knowledge. As for the no affection anymore thing, read “Evidence against 608’s Counter Argument”.

Also, nothing excuses the fact you did this in the first place. You didn’t want to hurt Neek’s feelings or make it worse, so you manipulated him into believing that you still loved him, leading to it hurting his feelings and making it worse once he figured it out.

Neek does not wish to hear an apology from you, so I will not ask you to give one, as you have already attempted to do so. He does not have to accept any of your apologies, as you have wronged him.

As for gameguy, you also manipulated him. You never told him to stop when he was taking the blame for your actions. You were too scared to confront Neek, so you let gameguy take the blame for what you said.

After gameguy admitted he was 13, you knew he was 13, and while you say you did not like him after that, you seem to have contradicted that statement in the “Evidence against 608’s Counter Argument” evidence that I showed. You manipulated gameguy into staying in the relationship, although your goals of “scared of being kicked from the GC” cannot be trusted in my eyes due to the new evidence.

I never denied your age, 608. You were in fact 16 when you first started that relationship. It does not change the fact that you continued it for almost a month when you turned 17.

This proves to me that you did not read my document properly, despite claiming to. If you’re going to respond to my document, read it first.

Her response in OTGC.

As you can see, she claimed to have read it.

She did apologise to gameguy within his DMs. That does not excuse your behaviour all of a sudden though, 608. You clearly just wish for people to “forgive and forget”. The world does not work like that, 608. Your actions have consequences.

As for what 608 said before that I remember her saying to me directly, I do in fact remember 608 saying that “not illegal” argument in the same GC she said the “How am I 17” argument. According to a witness, it is all deleted now. I have since been kicked from that GC. (OffTopicGC 7 was the name of that GC.)

Witness account. Name removed for privacy reasons.

I also remember Croissant saying that argument as well, which I will respond to.

This is a very low quality image, but it displays the Gummibar community discussing after 608 told them about it.

Neither I nor Neek am not trying to push her to suicide. Neek simply made a video exposing her, and also a document. All I have done is expose the truth in my own document, as I felt it was necessary once 608 started lying to everyone about this situation.

As for the “that is not considered pedo behaviour” and “shes not 18” arguments, it is a 3.5 year age gap. 13 year olds are not as developed as 17 year olds. 608 knew what she was doing as soon as gameguy admitted his age to be 13.

As she is 17, legally, yes, she cannot be considered a pedophile, but regardless of that, it is abundantly clear that she intended to groom gameguy into staying into the relationship with her. gameguy was not as mentally developed as 608 during the relationship. A 17 year old is almost a fully grown adult, while a 13 year old is still a young child. This does not make anything she did right.

gameguy, Neek, and I attempted to confront you in a GC, but you went straight into my DMs. I’ve already confronted you about it within those DMs, and your answers were not satisfactory. What I am doing is exposing the truth that you are so desperate to hide. I was angry at what you said, because I knew what you did was wrong. I was willing to listen to you, but as the conversation went on I grew more and more angry by your responses.

Originally, I was not planning on making this document. I was planning on just allowing Neek to create his video. After all, creating a video on 608’s wrongdoings is not wrong. If he wishes to do so, he can. His response video was quite accurate from what I’ve seen of it. It didn’t have the full explanation in it though, as Neek only knew so much.

When I saw your response to what I said to you when I confronted you, and how you twisted the truth in order to fit your own goals, I knew immediately that my suspicions after confronting you were correct. You are a manipulator.

Talking about it together won’t solve anything. You’ll just find some way to sidestep the issue, and you won’t learn anything from the experience. I even posted my document to OTGC before anywhere else so we could all talk about it, but your responses were not convincing whatsoever.

It’s been clear from your responses to my document that you have no intention of allowing the truth to be seen, so I will do so myself, so you may learn that your actions have consequences.

All I am doing is compiling the truth to the best of my knowledge, the rest is on you.


You want it to go back the way it was? Where you manipulated others for your own gain? My answer to that is that you should forget about us, and focus on school. That is what I want you to do. Focus on your real life. You have an unhealthy obsession with OTGC that is unhealthy for everyone around you.

You want the drama to end? Think about how you can stop yourself from starting it. No one is obliged to forgive you, and your actions thus far have not shown any signs of remorse. You have caused more harm than good.

Your response has not shown me any other answer other than that you are a bad person. I want you to fix that, but I won’t be helping you, all I will do is help you to realise that. No one in OTGC will be forced to help you either. You have to do it on your own.

I want you to leave OTGC alone of your own volition, and think about your life from there.

That is the end of my response to 608’s response. Thank you for reading.

608’s official removal from OTGC

608 has recently been removed from OTGC. It happened on 14 October 2022. Here is the conversation that happened on that day.

In this conversation, I confronted 608, with everyone else as well. At the end, she was kicked, as you can see.

She contradicted herself in this conversation.

She said in her document that she could “barely maintain good grades” because all she can do is worry about this. However, she clearly seems to contradict this by saying she does in fact focus on school and has at least a 70 in each class right now.

I don’t think that’s barely maintaining good grades, 608. You have at least a 70 in each of your classes, and you focus on school according to yourself. If you were barely maintaining good grades, you’d be at the 60 mark, and if all you could think about was this, you would not be able to focus on school.

Which answer is it, 608? I don’t get it.

608’s attempted server attack

If you read the “608’s Removal from OTGC” part, you may have noticed the first 2 images showing something very interesting.

ActuallyTheMarioForever fan is 608.

gameguy banned her from his server, so she posted that announcement to tell people to raid it. It happened on 14 October 2022.

608 says she deleted the announcement, but that does not excuse her behavior. She clearly shows no signs of remorse here.
“Being an idiot”. Right. Are you sure about that, 608? I’m shocked that you even thought of saying this and still expect people to forgive you.

Gameguy note: I banned her because I didn’t feel I could trust her anymore.

Do you think someone not sending your counter argument is worth raiding their server for? You could have simply asked gameguy to post your counter argument, but instead you decided to tell people to raid his server.

Good job, 608. You made something into a bigger issue than it had to be again.

Raid of 608’s Server

This was not 608’s doing, although it was related to this document, so it’s something I have to clarify.

Mezstra and Neek raided a server of 608’s that was dead at the time in order to spread my document. I do not support raiding, nor attacking 608, regardless of her actions.

I told 608 about it due to my wish to not get confused with their behaviour. If they continue to attack 608, note that it is not related to me in any way.

If you are going to share the document, do it in a civil way. That is all I have to say about this matter.


  1. gameguy – Information about what 608 told him to do, gameguy & 608 DM screenshots
  2. wafkee – Information about the misinformation 608 is spreading
  3. 608/Carly – Her counter argument, telling me that Marble accidentally sent misinformation
  4. OTGC Chat Logs – Proof that she is 17


I am gravely disappointed in 608’s response to the accusations brought up against her. She should have realized the mistake she made and worked to correct the wrong she has done, but the only thing she did was spread lies about me and everyone else accusing her.

The reason I have made this document is to clear up any and all misconceptions on the matter. If I have gotten anything wrong or left out anything in this post, let me know.

I do not hate 608, but I cannot support her actions. As an individual she has caused harm that she has not shown remorse for, and I cannot accept that.

And 608, if you’re reading this, hiding the truth won’t help you at all. You are who you are, and you make mistakes. It’s time to own up to them, and spread a proper counter argument instead of spreading lies and misinformation.

If people think you are a pedophile even after you tell them your counter argument, then you cannot convince them. You have made a grave mistake, and a grave mistake does not come without punishment. Accept that, or you will never move on.

If you did actually feel remorse I would expect you to say “I understand why you think I’m a pedophile, what I did was wrong and I don’t expect you to forgive me” if someone doesn’t believe in you, not post false information.

Don’t even think about suicide either, that’s just another form of escape. Realize how you were wrong and grow up. Do not harm other people for the sake of your own goals. What you did was wrong and you have to properly deal with that.

Reminder: do not attack her for what she did. This document was made to avoid the confusion she has spread everywhere, to tell 608 that what she did was wrong and nothing I have seen has changed that, to tell her that she has not dealt with the situation properly, and to tell her that none of the actions she has made throughout this have shown me any remorse for her actions whatsoever.

Remember, no one is forced to forgive you for what you did, 608. Tell the truth while defending yourself, as you know you did something wrong.

That is all. I will update this document if any new information comes to light.