This document is a copy of The Carly Response (Mostly About The Gameguy Situation Currently).


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(Someone please get this document to neek and his friends.)

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What is this about?

I met gameguy in 2021, and his age was undisclosed. We worked on a parody of gummibar together which he owned. I eventually added him to a group of people that I met on a revival called Goodblox. (that being temporalist/dz/ga, jgg/justgoodgame, and 1 other). Nogkt from the GBC was also in there, as he had played Goodblox as well. Gameguy became interested in old Roblox and befriended the people I met. After goodblox died, there was Rhodum [wasn’t rhodum a rat and owned by epicummy?] [yes it was, but we didn’t know it was a rat yet], but the original purpose of the group was gone. Everyone was going offtopic, and jgg was mad about that. Sometime in June, gameguy made a group chat for going offtopic. A bit after that he started to gain an attraction to me. (his age was still undisclosed at this point) eventually we did begin dating, but after meeting neek I began to like him instead. Gameguy was not happy about this, and I had even found it annoying myself. I remember at one point it got so bad that I agreed with Neek wanting Gameguy gone. And then I realized that Neek was manipulating me, right after he sent this message. This is what woke me up:

[a] [b] [c] [d]

This screenshot shows my reaction to neek’s message, which was in another group chat. (I’m pretty sure it was otgc7 [aka the legendary group chat].) I didn’t immediately start liking gameguy after that, but his flirts increased and I did eventually accept one of his messages. His age was still undisclosed at this point.

Scroll down for things regarding the age reveal.

The age reveal

//I can’t take this seriously with the whole cirno pfp sh*t

You may have seen this image here. This day started normally, and then gameguy got a bit weird talking about age stuff. He asked if I would break up with him if he was 11, 12, or 13. I said yes to the 11 and 12 things, and no to the 13 thing. That’s when he revealed he was 13.

Aftermath of the reveal

A few days later, he revealed to the rest of the gc that he was 13, and even showed identification in a stream. This stream was mentioned in worldcash’s document.

As for the aftermath itself, nobody said anything. Nobody voiced their opinion. Nobody did anything.

A quick interruption to note down something:

During the duration of the relationship, I have never asked or told gameguy to do sexual things.

It was all hi’s, I love you’s, and goodnights

Apart from casual flirting and the occasional sexual thing from gameguy

While still talking about this subject, I may as well address the yakova stuff, too. I see it was not talked about in worldcash’s document either

Yes, yakova became part of the relationship too. I don’t remember the exact month or date. However I do know I never asked or told yakova to do sexual things either. All from the first part of this interruption applies

Eventually she broke up with us both to focus on school more.

And I had no reaction at all

I know this interruption is getting long, but there’s one more part.

I don’t seek out people who have a large age gap. I came into the relationship with gameguy THINKING he was 17, until I found out he was 13 (see image below this sentence) and had no affection for him anymore.

This is the same thing that happened with neek.

I realized Neek was manipulating me and I had no affection for him anymore after that. And I didn’t say anything to Neek because I didn’t want to hurt his feelings or even make it worse.

This was the same exact thing.

More below.


Ever since the original drama with neek began I’ve been stressed out at school. All I could think about was whatever Neek was doing or worrying about what he had planned. Even today in school I was tired and worried about these people I’ve talked to and known for a year turning against me and calling me a pedo.
I can barely even maintain good grades because all I can do is worry about this drama.
I just want it done with
I want it to go back to how it was right before the neek drama started. All of us being friends, working on projects together, and nobody hates each other.
Now I can’t hear the house phone ring without panicking thinking it’s neek here to harass me.

I just want it all to be over
I don’t want this drama

I just want us all to be friends again
I can’t live like this.

Gameguy, I am sorry.
And neek I’m sorry for not just directly breaking up with you and explaining why.
I’m also sorry for ghosting (several times). [I have experience with that]

I’m sincerely sorry for involving myself with and helping the N umnuts.
I did not send your face in OTGC, but I was aware of all N umnut plans and agreed with them.

I don’t know what to do anymore.

This document may be updated at any time without notice.[1]

I have allowed commenting on this document.

The best way to get this resolved is to talk about it together and get any confusions and stuff cleared up


It has been brought to my attention that myself and the opposing have overlooked something.
Sadsad has brought to my attention that I was 16 when I first started dating gameguy (August, my birthday is in September)

Feel free to comment on this part

As I said above, this document may be updated at any time, and I will read comments.

sadsad warning: EPIC language
Select at your own risk.

Hi sadsad here, I wanted to say carly isn’t a pedo and stop being stupid. We all know carly. We know she isn’t a pedo. gameguy said he was 17 and she couldn’t have known otherwise. Just because fucking NEEK says otherwise, why are people believing him? it’s neek.
Also he posted me on his Twitter account.

when can we just go back to fUnNy-608 HiLL

[Neek is a ######]
End of story]

whyopticgc is cool

Gameguy here; Carly isn’t a pedophile but she did groom and manipulate me into doing things for her while we were dating, even after I revealed to her that I was 13.

Here’s a screenshot from mumblingmario’s document

14 October 2022

Alright, so we have Gameguy trying to defend his shitty action while bashing on me.
And we also had Neek ranting in the comments here. I’m not taking the time to read through his babyrage. Marked as resolved.

On top of that we have Michael saying OTGC is dead because of me. I would be less mad if he directly responded when I asked him who, but he ghosted me and said vague stuff like he doesn’t want to talk to me. And then he had the nerve to tell GBA directly that it’s me who he thinks is why OTGC is dead.

Actually let’s go over Neek’s fit he had in the comments.

No Just no.

What did I do in 2020?

Without me breaking the rules of the social medias?

Okay that’s all for this update

More updates soon probably

Nevermind there’s one more thing:

This is not true.
None of you have given me a chance to do so.

I will change because I understand what I did wrong and I am correcting that mistake.

Okay, now that’s all for now.

Wait nevermind
This just came on my mind


Okay that is all for now

7:54 PM

I read the latest part of Worldcash’s document.

I don’t know what to say.

Just read it I guess.

(And if you somehow haven’t read it: Statement against 608 (Also known as Carly) (available on this site) )

Stop shitting in the suggestions -sadsad
Also the one piece is real I think

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[b] _Marked as resolved_

[c] _Re-opened_

[d] Pee is stored in the balls the balls


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