This document is a copy of My Experience of being a SYNTAX Staff.

Hello there, it’s Jeno. I would say that being a SYNTAX staff was good and stuff like that but the community is just bad and weird full of underage kids (real) but nah nah they just got annoying, and stuff like that, and also the owner was kind of trash he would barely do whatever I wanted or like stuff that was not even that hard to do, he would not demote staff or whatever unless it’s too late. Like basically he demoted Luck after he leaked everything and I had to rewrite staff handbook look but, I would also say that it was a good time there it wasn’t too bad, js got demoted for n word out of the server in a whole different server, but it’s whatever. I hope y’all enjoy SYNTAX. It was good being there but now all the staff are turning on me like “JENO PACK” like grow up. Yall aint funny or nothing looks right as I get demoted you say that stuff. Yall funny. Also MOST staff are weirdos they also allow thigh highs sometimes like weirdos, Also everyone of them little kids saying drop items like I cant drop no limiteds without some dumb ass bot that somethingelse added for no reason lol, fucking losers saying all of that to me ungrateful kids atp Love you all. Also ruined eco cuz uh why not I js wanted the #1’s. I would also like to add that, Austin. You didn’t need to do all of this over smt that happened in a different revival. But you did so like it has to happen. Shoutout to Rot5, Aep, Sprinkle and Envy.

Also here’s the staff handbook (available on this site)

Here’s some proof of SomethingElse (the owner of SYNTAX) wanting to nuke ecs

The script he used to give everyone 1 Million Robux.

Reason why SYNTAX was promoted in the nuking. This is sad for a revival owner.
There was no reason for the ECS Nuke. The owner Perk said this

Here’s also the admin panel.

Shitty code not working lol

User manager panel looks similar to ecs

Password Guessed by some guy named slit lol

Also didn’t care when I posted him some screenshots of admin wx20 exploiting lol